Sepehr Meshqat Caspian

EMC - Export Management Company

What SMC does:

  •  We are the bridge between manufacturer and distributor or end-user.
  •  We manage the flow of manufacturer products to the importer.
  •  Customer's payment depends on our success in provided services.
  •  We accelerate movement from exporter to importer.
  •  SMC has updated knowledge and experience on local producer and foreign market.

Export Overseas

There are many reasons why you may wish to export your products to other markets, the main reason being the opportunity to access a much larger customer group. However, exporting internationally can also be beneficial for helping a business to spread risk should a local market experience recession spurring a fall in consumer confidence and a decrease in purchases.


What is EMC

An Export Management Company (EMC) appoints and services distributors in overseas markets. An EMC's customers receive full technical and promotional support services from each of the manufacturers it represents. And, most importantly, it provides advance information on product modifications and new product development and it implements factory warranty programs overseas.



SMC is regional Sales and Marketing specialist and manage your export division completely. When you work with EMC like SMC, you do not need to create export division with employments inside and outside of the country and too much cost and less result. We handle all export procedure from a to z.



SMC is an Export Management Company (EMC) established in 1993 in the name of Meshqat Tejarat in Tehran and at 2016 in the name of Sepehr Meshqat Caspian in Anzali. Our main activity during these years was export and foreign banking in CIS and Persian Gulf countries including India, china, some African countries. But our primary area of operations are Iran Neighbors countries.

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